Escapist Games is hiring:


We are seeking pure talent:

Coders, Artists and Tech Artists

We're hiring the best of the best to work on Star Chart. You'll need to have a brilliant mind, a great attitude and a desire to blow people away with the products you work on.


Your personality and potential are more important than your exact skill set, but you must have a passion for games and new tech, as well as a desire to innovate and excel in everything you do.


If the thrill of working hard to ship great content on new tech to millions of people gets you excited, then Escapist Games may well be just the right place for you.


We recommend that you consider sending us some work along with an interesting cover letter and short CV to:

[UK work permit required.]


How to apply:

Product before Team... Team before Ego...

We consider a great hire, someone who...


  • Understands that no matter how talented they are, the team and product comes first
  • Is a humble genius in their field, but enjoys talking to mortal man
  • Will do whatever is required to make the product better
  • Gets that doing things quick and dirty is essential
  • Knows that doing something right first time leads to success
  • Is ok with the fact that the above two lines could be considered contradictory
  • Isn't scared of overtime if required
  • Will work with whatever tech and hardware as required
  • More than anything else, is thrilled to contribute to a product MILLIONS of people love
  • code-to-art


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    Tech Artists
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    Content you could expect to work on:

    Features in the pipe-line:

    The following are examples of features we are considering adding to or enhancing within Star Chart:

  • Comets, asteroids, moons, planets, stars and more
  • Particle systems for the Asteroid belt, galaxy and planetary ring systems
  • Comparison mode between solar and stellar bodies
  • Space Stations, rockets, satellites, rovers and probes with real-time data
  • Lunar and Martian Landing sites
  • A Mechanical Orrery
  • Dynamic star, planet, comet and asteroid generator
  • 3D Nebula
  • A planetary cross section view
  • And much more we are keeping under wraps... ;)