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MOUNTAIN BIKER: Arcade Downhill Action


Mountain Biker is a game that lets you Experience the heart-pounding, insane and adrenaline-packed thrills of Downhill, Freeride and Slopestyle mountain biking as you progress from Novice to Pro Rider in the ultimate Mountain Biking gaming experience.

You’ll travel the globe - from Whistler to the Alps - beating Pro Riders, tackling trail challenges, conquering mountains, building trails, upgrading your bikes & components and competing against friends. You’ll learn to pump for speed, trick for points and "huck steezy senders" like the pros. With 18 progressively audacious tricks to learn, and a practically infinite range of combos to attempt, you’ll be soaring like an eagle while pulling combos the Pros haven't even dreamed of yet..!



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AtomHex cover art Platypus cover art

AtomHex and Platypus are currently available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

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